Talent & Success


ONUK Sportsmanagement, located in Istanbul and Frankfurt am Main, offers its players and partners an immense international network. All parties are benefiting from intensive relationships coming from Germany and Turkey and going to first class teams of the soccer leagues throughout Europe.


It is the player which is entirely focused on. Our challenge is to realize his interests.He defines the playground! It doesn’t matter whether these are sports’ interests, contract & tax questions or even family challenges. Our team and our partners are at every necessary moment at your side to manage your demands.

And when the pros are on their way to success, then we talk about: “Talent is very important, linked to diligence & passion …” If the player incorporates these qualities, then he has already gone most of the rough path of success! Then it is an experienced Ex-pro which makes the difference at the end. He provides the players with all the relevant confidence and will to succeed!

The ONUK-team works out on these characterictics for many years very successful careers of senior- & junior players.

Teamspirit, familysense, thorough career planning, fairness & reliability are qualities which we live and demand!

The very focus is to represent consequently all interests of our players and to make them successful at the end of the day!


Burak Akyildiz
Ekrem ONUK Ex-pro-soccerplayer, who grew up in the very well-known soccer school of the KSC (Karlsruher Sport Club), is nowadays your partner number 1 as a players agent considering all questions on and outside the playground. After 15 years of playing professional soccer there exists a highly branched international network. Of course, there is also a focus on promoting young talents.

Languages: German, Turkish, English

Burak Akyildiz
Duygu ÖGRETEN lawyer, located in Ankara supports strongly our team as well as each of our players’ challenges. Her focus is particularly in all topics of sports- and conctractquestions.

Languages: English, French, Turkish

Erkut SÖGÜT Registered attorney in Germany
DFB (German Football Association) Licensed Players’Agent
FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Licensed Players’Agent
Ph.D.Candidate – Univ. of Osnabrück (sports law & sports management)
Double Degree Master in law - Ruhr Univ. Bochum/Kültür Univ. Istanbul
Sports law & sports management certificate – Kadir Has Univ. Istanbul

Certified translator: German, Engish and Turkish
Other Languages: Spanish and Persian


Burak Akyildiz
Tahsin ENGIN head of scouting, profiled with 10 year career of professional soccer in Germany and Turkey bears high responsibility in analysis of the games of our players. His experience is here an indispensable advantage.

Languages: German, Turkey, English

Erdal ERASLAN Scout and former professional football player
During his youth age he was in the football academy of Borussia Dortmund and won 3 championships. With Trabzonspor in the UEFA Cup he became an international experienced player. He played in his football career also for KFC Uerdingen and Fortuna Düsseldorf. He would like to share his experiences with young football players at the soccer pitch as well as outside the soccer field. He focuses on a overall service for football players.

Languages: German, turkish, english

Alimentation and fitness

Burak Akyildiz
Andreas KOSSYK Expert for alimentation and fitness
Longtime experience in the areas of increase muscle size, loosing fat (catabolism of fat), motivation and improvement in performance. He is training his own body since 1986, had a 5-years experience in bodybuilding competitions and has a fundamental knowledge in the issues of body and spirit: ”Sit mens sana in corpore sano!” In a healty body lives a healthy mind.

Languages: German and English

Our scouts analyze thoroughly your talents. This means that we are regularly at site when you perform on the playground. Every moment, every step has to be accompanied. All these will bring the player closer to its long-desired goal, his success!